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Pricing and Budget

A great starting point in pricing is determining how many people you will need your cake to serve, so that I can give you options for size and/or tier amount. Some designs are single tiers while others have multiple!

Once you have decided on the perfect size for your cake, it’s time to talk design! Some are simple, while others involve a great amount of detail! When considering the cost of a cake, adding fondant or edible flowers, custom 3D or sculpted figurines, or silver/gold hand painting all increase the final cost. All cakes that include 3D sculpted items are created by hand just for you! A lot of time goes into making them perfect for you and as a result, they increase the price of the cake. Based on your preferences, we can work with a buttercream background instead of fondant covered, pre-made figures (plastic) or 2D decorations for a unique and customized design that fits into your budget!

Another factor in the price of a cake is the number of tiers. Tiered cakes are typically more expensive than a single tier. Not only do they often add more servings, but they also provide more height, space for decorating, and allow for additional customization, as well as ingredients.  I pride myself in providing every customer with beautiful and delicious cakes!  So much time and love goes into each and every order.

Base Pricing

*Base price includes basic cake/filling flavor, buttercream covering,

inscription, and simple shell border

Single Tier Starting Price

6” - 12 servings

8” - 20 servings

10” - 28 servings

12” - 40 servings





2 Tier Starting Price

6” 8” - 32 servings

8” 10” - 48 servings

10” 12” - 68 servings




3 Tier Starting Price

6" 8" 10" - 60 servings
8" 10" 12" - 88 servings



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